Carlton's Embedded Video Clip Example
On this web page, I have uploaded a video clip to YouTube, copied it's embed code and pasted  the embed code into this web page. As a result, the video clip appears to play from my web page, but it is actually playing from from the YouTube website. The advantages of this approach are as follows:

1. YouTube employs all of the latest CODECs (compression/decompression algorithums) that enable this video to stream properly to almost all computers, regardless of the brand, operating system or browser the viewer is using. 

2. YouTube provides superior bandwidth which allows the video to start playing almost immediately, and without choppy playback or long buffering pauses.

This particular web page is hosted on GoDaddy's Economy web hosting platform, and I pay about $39 a year to host this web site. GoDaddy's Economy hosting plans are currently priced starting at $3.99 a month (

Click here to see the same video playing from the YouTube website, and notice the difference from linking to the YouTube video and embedding the video into this web page. 

(FYI - I will add that the poorer quality of this video is attributted to the fact that i recorded this in 1989 on my antenna based television onto a VHS tape.)

(Skip ahead to 3 minutes 24 seconds to see Carlton interviewd) 

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